The Haag Streit Octopus 600 perimeter features new Pulsar early detection and standard white-on-white perimetry, with LED technology and touch screen. This instrument is compact sized with simplified perimetry to streamline operation and provide a range of visual field analyzing.

Octopus 600 Pro

Fast Screening

Screening can be performed with both white-on-white or the patient-friendly Pulsar perimetry in about One Minute.

Central Tests You Need

The Octopus 600 offers the most commonly used static tests. For central field testing there are the G pattern which follows the retinal nerve fibers and the 32, 30-2, and 24-2 patterns. For macula, there are the M pattern and the 10-2. Using the fast TOP strategy (available in the Pro model), full threshold testing can be completed in just 2-4 minutes.

No Fixation Loss

Unique to Octopus, the perimeter will stop all tests when the patient losses fixation. Whether they blink or shift their gaze, you will never have fixation loss again.

Progression Analysis

EyeSuite Progression Analysis allows for you to immediately identify levels of change. It not only reveals whether the change is significant, but also if it is local or diffuse. Results are displayed using an intuitive graphical symbol.

Octopus 600 features include:

Ethernet-only Networking

Early detection and progression analysis in one unit

Compact design, light weight, and small footprint (18.4"W, 20"L, 19.7"H, 28 lbs.)

Operates with touch screen or keyboard

TOP (Tendency Oriented Perimetry) strategy runs Pulsar

30° Peripheral Range

Data Import from Octopus 101, 123, 300, 900; HFA

Easily upgrade to Pro with Eyesuite